This is a list of achievements found in Junk Jack, which supports Game Center.


File:ACH DirtyWork.png Dirty Work 5 pts
Destroy 100 Dirt Blocks
File:ACH StoneQuarry.png Stone Quarry 5 pts
Destroy 100 Stone Blocks
File:ACH PoorNature.png Oh No! Poor Nature 2 pts
Destroy 100 Wood Blocks
File:ACH ExpertMiner.png Expert Miner 5 pts
Destroy 1000 Blocks
File:ACH FanaticMiner.png Fanatic Miner 5 pts
Destroy 10,000 Blocks
File:ACH DevineMiner.png Divine Miner 10 pts
Destroy 100,000 Blocks
File:ACH NightyNight.png Nighty Night 2 pts
Craft Your First Bed
File:ACH ThatsForge.png That's Forge! 2 pts
Smelt Your First Ingot
File:ACH ExpertForge.png Expert Forger 6 pts
Smelt 100 Ingots
File:ACH Griswold.png Griswold! 15 pts
Smelt 1000 Ingots
File:ACH FirstStep.png First Step 2 pts
Craft a Craftbook(no longer available)
File:ACH WorkingHard.png Working Hard 2 pts
Craft Your First Workbench
File:ACH ComeGetSome.png Come Get Some! 2 pts
Craft Your First Weapon
File:ACH LetsDig.png Let's Dig 2 pts
Craft Your First Shovel
File:ACH MiningTime.png Mining Time 2 pts
Craft Your First Pickaxe
File:ACH BeStrong.png Be Strong 2 pts
Craft Your First Hammer
File:ACH WoodChopper.png Wood Chopper 2 pts
Craft Your First Axe
File:ACH Bacon.png Bacon! 3 pts
Cook Some Pig Meat
File:ACH Crafty.png Crafty! 1 pts
You Crafted Your First Item
File:ACH SeriousTools.png Serious Tools 4 pts
Craft A Stronger Tool
File:ACH Defender.png Defender 8 pts
Kill 100 Enemies
File:ACH Butcher.png Butcher 8 pts
Kill 100 Critters
File:ACH SkullKiller.png Skull Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 Skulls
File:ACH SlimeSquisher.png Slime Squisher 4 pts
Kill 5 Slimes
File:ACH SpiderKiller.png Spider Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 Spiders
File:ACH SheepKiller.png Sheep Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 Sheep
File:ACH CowKiller.png Cow Killer 4 pts
Kill 5 Cows
File:ACH PigSlayer.png Pig Slayer 4 pts
Kill 5 Pigs
File:ACH LetsBuild.png Let's Build! 2 pts
Place Your First 10 Blocks
File:ACH BuildingManiac.png Building Maniac 6 pts
Place 100 Blocks
File:ACH WorldConquerer.png World Conqueror 10 pts
Place 1000 Blocks
File:ACH SandboxMaster.png Sandbox Master! 16 pts
Place 10,000 Blocks
File:ACH MayaBuilder.png Maya Builder 10 pts
Place 50 Mayan Blocks
File:ACH HellBuilder.png Hell Builder 10 pts
Place 50 Infernal Blocks
File:ACH JungleBuilder.png Jungle Builder 10 pts
Place 50 Jungle Blocks
File:ACH MushroomBuilder.png Mushroom Builder 10 pts
Place 50 Mushroom Blocks
File:ACH LetThereBeLight.png Let There Be Light! 2 pts
Place Your First Torch
File:ACH LotsofLight.png Lots Of Light 5 pts
Place 50 Torches
File:ACH Climber.png Climber 6 pts
Place 50 Ladders
File:ACH Fortified.png Fortified 5 pts
Place 100 Stone Blocks
File:ACH StayOutside.png Stay Outside! 4 pts
Place A Door
File:ACH Mushrooms.png Mushrooms! 3 pts
Discover Mushroom Biome
File:ACH WhattheHell.png What the HEll? 6 pts
Discover Hell Biome
File:ACH IntotheJungle.png Into the Jungle! 4 pts
Discover Jungle Biome
File:ACH MayanRavings.png Mayan Ravings 5 pts
Discover Mayan Biome
File:ACH EgyianRavings.png Egytian Ravings 3 pts
Discover Egyian Biome
File:ACH WhewThatWasClose.png Phew! That Was Close 3 pts
Heal Yourself Near Death
File:ACH AppleFanboy.png Apple Fanboy 8 pts
Eat So Many Apples
File:ACH Scrapbooker.png Scrapbooker 10 pts
Discover The Whole Craftbook
File:ACH JustAnotherBlock.png Just Another Block 3 pts
Played For 1 Hour
File:ACH Addicted.png Addicted! 10 pts
Played For 10 Hour
File:ACH GetALife.png Get A Life! 15 pts
Played For 100 Hour